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Checklist for outdoor voyages:
(also called Alois-Holzer-Checklist, named after the creator of this list)

This is a checklist for all outdoor voyages. The checklist contains many different sections. Dependent of your voyage, you can ignore single sections and create your own, individual checklist.




ID's and money

passport, copy of passport, passport photograph

driver's license, international driving license, car insurance card

international student-card, youth hostel card, e.g. sailing license

foreign exchange, credit card, ATM-card


travel documents

air ticket, train ticket

hotel vouchers, reservations (e.g. for a car)

social insurance card

travel insurance


information- and writing material

travel guide, road map, topographic maps

dictionaries, books

weather gauges, meteorological tables, frequencies

pens, paper, log book

address list for post cards



tooth brush, tooth paste, shaver, shaving foam

soap, shampoo, all purpose-outdoor soap

nail scissors, hairbrush, towels

pharmaceuticals, first aid, water disinfection, filter


other things for outdoor travel

keys, car keys

clock, alarm clock, altimeter/barometer watch

Swiss army knife or leatherman, fork, knife and spoon, tin-opener

flash light, better: head-flash light, LED light, good (!) batteries

pocket lighter, maybe: candle, gas lamp

water and wind proof matches

hanky, toilet paper (?!)

compass, GPS (+batteries), goggles, whistle

mini radio, frequencies and air times

photo camera, films, batteries for camera, small tripod

cell phone, charger, maybe: satellite telephone

sun glasses, cap

sun crème, crème for lips

insect protection fluid, mosquito screen (for head)

small sewing kit

repairing kit, wire, duct tape

ear plug


trekking, stay, transportation

back pack, rain protection for backpack, maybe duffel bag

waterproof bags (Ortlieb)

day backpack, belly bag, belts

plastic bags (large and small ones) for your clothes

maybe additional bag for travelling (stays at the hotel)

bottle or sac for drinking water, winter: thermos flask

tent incl. accessories (tent nails), mattress, sleeping bag

strings, nails; maybe axe, shovel, pick axe.

rope with karabiner (in bear country at least 20m), pepper spray

smaller ropes, maybe lap belt and cable roll, marking fags

cooker, gas/benzin, spare parts, cleaning accessoirs

benzin- or gas bottle, pots and pans

cup, sponge, dish towel, dish cleaner


clothes (for summer travels)

underwear and T-shirts

socks, maybe trekking socks

swimming trunks (in some countries bathing cap)

tracksuit, maybe Pyjama

jeans, maybe short trousers, shirts, pullovers, jacket, trekking trousers

rain protection: GoreTex-jacket and -rain trousers, (!)

shoes, hiking shoes, impregnation for shoes and GoreTex rags



clothes (additional for winter and mountains)

long underwear, warm socks

micro fleece, fleece pullover, Norwegian pullover

warm trekking trousers, thin and thick cap, scarf, face mask

at least two pairs of gloves, silk gloves

winter boots


sport (skiing tours)

alpine touring skis/telemark skis, ski poles, skiing boots

skins, skin glue, repairing kit for binding

avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel, avalanche probe

ropes (for emergency sledge), bivouac bag, hot tea (thermos bottle)

rich crème (against cold temperatures)


sport (water sports, sailing)

diving- or snorkel accessories, diving goggles

deck shoes, sailing gloves, tarpaulin (oilskin)

sea maps, navigation accessories, GPS

table with ship lighting rules, sailing hand books, Log book

sailing licence

charter-sailboat hand over list (checklist and questions)


sport (biking)

gloves, helmet, sport shoes, goggles

thin jacket, biking trousers


sport (mountaineering)

crampons and ice axe, helmet, climbing gloves

rope and harness, karabiner, snares

light ropes, bivouac bag, gaiters


hut to hut tour (in the alps)

hut-sleeping bag (linen sheet), slippers

bread, sausages, cheese, apples,...

tee bags, sugar, cereal bars


food for a backcountry tours

breakfast: milk powder, cereal; maybe bread with Nutella, jam

for the day: cereal bars, energy bars; maybe bread, cheese, sausage

dinner: dehydrated lunch packages (Maggi Fix, Knorr,...) or Travellunch (expensive!), 1 to 1,5 bags per men and meal

drinks: fizzy tablets with vitamins (!) and mineral nutrients (!) - important at winter tours, where you have to drink melted snow water.

other things: dried fruits, chocolate(!), nuts,...

maybe basic ingredients for cocking: flour, egg powder, fat, bacon(ham), cheese, spices (garlic powder),...(some countries does not allow the import of meat or fruits!)

Attention! I made the experience, that in the US it is not possible to buy (good) dehydrated lunches - bring them with you from Europe!








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