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Hochkar - Duerrenstein


Hochkar-Dürrenstein (Lower Austria)

Approach: A1 Exit Ybbs, B25 to Lunz am See and Göstling. Park one car at the parking lot of the skiing resort Hochkar and one car in Lehen near Lunz am See.
Altitude difference:
Difficulty: easy, but no sources on the way


   Equipment:  Profile:




 - Large drinking water reserves
Tent for spending one night on the route

Maybe hiking sticks for the steep meadows


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What do you think, when you are thinking about hiking in the Alps? Crowded trails, every hour a mountain hut? Yes, there are many regions like this, but I will show you with this hiking tour, that you can have also some backcountry feeling in the Alps. This trail follows the ridge between Mt. Hochkar - a skiing area - and Mt. Dürrenstein. Without heavy backpacks you can make this tour in one day, but that's no fun, because you would have to run all the way, without enjoying the beautiful landscape. We started on a Friday evening at the parking lot of the Hochkar skiing area ( and went on the first day only one hour.

On the second day we went to Mt. Duerrensetin, but we didn't climb it. We camped short before Dürrenstein and on the next day we reached the summit and went through Ybbstalerhuette (mountain hut) and Lechnergraben down to the valley. You can make this tour easily in two days.

Please note, that there are NO springs at the whole trail! We had 16 litres of water for 3 men and 3 days. The first spring is at Legsteinalm, short before Ybbstalerhuette.

All in all, a nice trekking tour in a quiet remote part of the Alps ... but beware of the bears. There are some Grizzlies in this region - it's not a joke! So observe at least the basic bear rules if you are sleeping with your tent in the backcountry.


At the start at Mt. Hochkar.

We have to overcome a lot of fences.

After an one hour trip we found a nice spot for our tent.





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