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Gamseck (Rax) via Wildfährte


Gamseck / Rax (Lower Austria, Styria)    deutsch
Approach: S6 Semmering-Highway, Exit Gloggnitz, B27 to Höllental, at the settlement Singerin left to Naßwald. Pass through Naßwald an go ton to Hinternaßwald (parking lot).
Altitude difference:
 1150 meters
Walking time: about 6 hours
Difficulties: Ascent and Descent on good secured fixed-rope climbing trails (via ferrata). You have to be free of giddiness.


   Equipment:  Profile:




 - Large drinking water reserves
Via ferrata equipment for not so good climbers

Helmet on weekends, when many people are using the trail.


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The Wildfährte (game track, scent) and the Gamsecksteig are some of the most scenic trails up to the Rax plateau. Starting at the small village of Hinternasswald, you have to went trough the Reißtalklamm to the end of the valley, from where you have a fantastic view to the Kahlmäuer.

Through this rocks we will descent to the plateau. Even if some parts of the trail are very exposed, all difficult sections are very good secured by a fixed rope.

Arrived at the Rax plateau, you have to take the trail to Heukuppe. At the saddle you can make a little detour to Gamseck (1857m) (45 minutes from Wildfährte), from where you have a very god view down to the  Reißbachtal and the Kahlmäuer. If you want you can also climb the highest point of the Rax plateau - called Heukuppe (2007m) (hay knoll). You have to calculate 1 hour walking time from the end of the Wildfährte trail. Back at the saddle, there is a trail called Gamsecksteig, which we took for our descent down to Hinternaßwald.

The Gamsecksteig (also called "Zahmes Gamseck") has no difficulties. There are some exposed parts and some gravel landslides to cross - but all in all it should be no big deal. During the whole descent you have a nice view to Schneealpe - another limestone plateau and this trail is also the connection trail between Rax and Schneealpe.

Arrived at the saddle of the Naßkamm, we turn right in order to hike through steep forests down to Hinternaßwald.

"Zahmes Gamseck" & "Wildes Gamseck"
 ("Tame Gamseck" & "Wild Gamseck")

Adintionally to the "Zahmes Gamseck Trail", you can climb the Naßkamm ridge up to the Gamseck. This route is a not official and unsecured trail with the name "Wildes Gamseck". I never went this route, but as soon a as I tried it, you will see the photos on this web page.

Photo: The ridge of the "Wild Gamseck"




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Key word:
GAMSECK         (Mürzzuschlag)


With some interruptions - we went out of fuel, even though the fuel gauge showed a 1/4 full tank - we drive through the beautiful Hoellental to Naßwald, on the North side of Rax.

House at Hinternaßwald.

First view of the steep Kahlmäuer rock face ... somewhere there the trail is going up to the plateau.

A gravel slide at the begin of the Wildfährte-Trail.

On the right way.

The way is getting more interesting. In the beckground you can see the Schneeaple plateau.

Secured traverse with nice views into the valley.

Aign with the most important informations for a hiker (an engraved word to the Binderwirt-Restaurant says "Bier" (=beer)).



The last meters before we reach the plateau.

Sudden scenery change at the end of Wildfährte.





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