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Skiing tour Göller


Göller - from South (Styria)

Approach: S6 Exit Mürzzuschlag, B23 via Mürzsteg to Lahnsattel (saddle) or via A1 Exit St. Pölten, B20 direction Mariazell to Freiland, tourn left to B214 and further on B21to Terz. Tourn left (B23) and drive until you reach Lahnsattel (saddle).
Altitude difference:
700 meters
Walking time: Ascent 2-3  hours. Descent about 1 hour.
Difficulty: easy-medium (dependent on the descent route)

Mt. Göller is a very popular mountain for skiing. The wide slopes on the north- as well on the south face of the mountain are perfect for skiing.

The most popular ascent is from the South. The start is the parking lot at a mountain pass named Lahnsattel (1050m), which means in German "Avalanche Saddle". Another parking lot is 1km East of Lahnsattel. Depended on the avalanche situation you can use one of the  many ridges for skiing or the descent via Eisgrube (valley, avalanche danger).

The ascent from the North starts at Gscheid (960m) between the villages of Kernhof and Terz. You can use for the ascent the summer route along two ridges or the ascent trough a valley, named Göllergraben. For the ascent, you usually use the wide slopes at Hühnerkralle (cirque). The cirque (collie) ends again in the Göllergraben valley, from where you can go back to the parking lot.

View to the summit at the North ascent.



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Along forest roads you reach the free slopes above the timberline.

We decided to take the most westerly ascent (via Wieslboden). From the West ridge to the Terzer Göller (sub-summit of Göller) you have the nicest view.

You can see the ridge on the left side in the backgound.


At the ridge.

View to Mt. Ötscher.

Be careful that you don't step on the corniche at the ridge. In the backgound you can see Mt. Wildalpe, where you will find also some nice skiing routes on south side of the Mountain (a good mountain in case of large avalanche danger).

The flat summit of Terzer Göller is in sight.

After a short walk you will reach the main summit of Göller.

The slopes on the left are the start of the North descent, on the right you would come down to Lahnsattel again (South descent).



After a short brake on the summit (we had wind gusts up to 90km/h), we decided to go again in warmer regions.

View into Eisgrube-valley.

At high avalanche danger, you can use the ridges on the left and right side of Eisgrube for you descent.







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