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Skiing tour Häuslalm-Allakogel (Hochschwab)


Häuslalm - Hochschwab (Styria)

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 S6 Semmering Expressway Exit Kapfenberg B20 direction Mariazell. At Thörl to the right to St. Ilgen and to the restaurant Bodenbauer.
Altitude difference:
Bodenbauer-Häuslalm 650m, Bodenbauer-Allakogel 800m, Bodenbauer-Buchbergkogel 800m
Walking time: Ascent about 3 hours. Descent about 1 hour.
Difficulty: easy-moderate, watch for avalanche slopes.

The skiing tour from Bodenbauer to the Häuslalm Alp is very popular, especially because of the many good skiing slopes at the Hochschwab plateau near Häuslalm. We decided to climb the peak of Allakogel. Another very nice skiing mountain near Häuslalm is Mt. Buchbergkogel, with very nice powder snow descents in its nice mountain forests.

From Bodenbauer you go through flat plains along the summer trail to the steep slopes of Mt. Hochschwab. After a 500m ascent you reach the timber line from where you follow the valley up to the saddle of Häuslalm. From there you can go to the left to Buchbergkogel or you keep right in order to go to Allakogel or Hundsböden.

For the descent I recommend (if the avalanche danger is low) to keep left at Häuslalm in order to find some nice steep slopes for the descent (Attention, there are some rock faces). But most of the time you just follow the tracks of the ascent.


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The start of the kiing tour is at the end of the valley at the reataurant Bodenbauer.

The awsome mountain scenery of Mt. Hochschwab.

Through forests we went up to the timber line.

The rock face of Buchbergkogel.


Vie back inot the valley.

At Häuslalm.


Cross at Häuslalm.





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