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Skiing tour Hainfelder Kirchenberg


Hainfeld Kirchenberg (Lower Austria)

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Außenringautobahn A21 exit Mayerling, to Alland and Hafnerberg on B18 direction Hainfeld. Südautobahn A2 exit Leobersdorf B18 to Berndorf and Hainfeld. Westautobahn A1 exit St. Pölten, B20 to Traisen, B18 to Hainfeld. Parking possibilities at the church.
Altitude difference:
500 metres
Walking time: Ascent about 1.5 hours. Descent 30 Min.
Difficulty: easy

When there is a good snow situation in East Austria and if the avalanche danger is to high for large skiing tours, the Kirchenberg (German: Church Mountain) of the town of Hainfeld is a good possibility to train your skiing skills. The start of the tour is at the church of Hainfeld. The way up to Kirchenberg follows the valley left of the church until you reach a mountain hut named Liasenböndl Hütte (watch for the way markings). From Liasenböndl you follow the red markings of the summer trail - up the steep forests above the hut. Follow the summer trail until you reach Hainfelder Hütte on the summit of Kirchenberg.

The descent follows the meadows Northwest of the summit until you reach a saddle. At the saddle you turn left to a steep groove. Follow this groove down to the valley, where you will find again the tracks of the ascent. Now you have to decide if you want to climb up again :-)

Also in summer it is worth to visit Kirchenberg. A very popular hiking tour is the so called Drei-Hütten-Tour (Three-Huts-Tour). From Hainfeld you hike up to Liasenböndl Hut and from there you continue to Hainfelderhütte. From the summit of Kirchenberg you went down (direction NW) to Lindensteinhütte from where you follow the trail down to Rohrbach an der Gölsen. At the farmers house of Schadenhof a yellow marked trail leads (along a power line) you trough meadows back to Hainfeld.


 Also in summer popular, the Hainfelder Kirchberg   



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Through the valley of Kirchental to Liasnböndl Hütte

Above Liasnböndl Hütte you have to climb up the steep forest along the descent groove.

Direction sign. The ski lift does not exist since a long time.

Hainfelder Hut at the summit of Kirchenberg.

Descent at the meadows near the summit.

The steep groove down to the valley.

Back in Hainfeld.





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