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Skiing tour Proles Alp


Proles (Styria)

Approach:  S6 Semmering expressway exit Mürzzuschlag B23 to Mürzsteg and further to Frein an der Mürz. Westautobahn A1 exit St. Pölten, B20 direction Mariazell to Freiland, turn left to B214 and continue at B21to Terz. Turn left (B23) and drive until the settlement of Frein.
Altitude difference:
700 metres
Walking time: Ascent about 3 hours. Descent 1 hour.
Difficulty: easy - good orientation skills needed.

The he Proles Alp is a classical mountain for days with high avalanche danger. The descent goes along a forest road, which starts at the highway B23 150 metres south of Frein. You follow always the course of the forest road but it is possible to cut some of the switchbacks and by doing this you have also the possibility to search for some good slopes for the descent in the forest. At 1200 MSL the forest road inclines gently to a timber yard (turn around). From there we went left to a peak near Proles alp (because of lack of time), where we found good slopes for practicing our skiing skills.

If you would continue following the forest road after the timber yard, you would come around a small rock face. After this rock face you can turn left into the forest and follow the ridge until you are on the summit of Proles Alp. I was until today not able to make the summit of Proles (bad weather and this year lack of time because of an accident on the road to Frein) but one day - I am sure - I will make it and I will let it you know on this place.

The descent follows the ascent.


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Due to heavy snowfalls a truck and a bus were not able to make the way up to Lahnsattel (German: Avalanche Saddle) and blocked the road.

After one hour the fire fighters arrived and cleared the road.

With delay we started our skiing trip at the village of Frein.

Dense forests at the way to Proles.


Snow cornices at the forest road.

Nice winter scenery at the way to a peak near Proles Alp.

Mt. Göller appears.

See also: Skiing tour Göller


View to the south face of Proles as well to Königskogel (another nice skiing tour).

The south face of Göller with the wide cirque named Eisgrube.

The moment we have waited for hours: powder snow without a single track.

In the forests we had sometimes powder up to our knees.

Further down, the skiing gets more difficult beacause of the many trees in the forest :-)







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