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Skiing tour Veitsch


Brunnalm - Veitsch  (Styria)

Approach: S6 Exit Mitterdorf, then direction Veitsch and Brunnalm (small skiing area). You can park your car at Gasthof Scheikl.
Altitude difference:
800 m
Walking time: Ascent about 3 hours. Decscent 1 hour.
Difficulty: easy

The Veitsch is a quiet popular mountain for skiing tours in this region. Especially the ascent from the north (called Rodel) is very popular. Because we were a little bit too late for the Rodel-tour, we decided to take the south ascent from Brunnalm near the village of Veitsch.
The Hohe Veitsch is a typical limestone mountain, with steep sidewalls and a quit flat plateau. Our route leads us from Brunnalm (1154m) up to the mountain hut of Graf-Meran-Haus (1836m) and to the summit of Hohe Veitsch (1981m). This tour has no difficult parts but you will find some nice ski runs.



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At the way from Brunnalm to Mt. Veitsch.

A view of the south face of the Veitsch plateau.

The steep descent to the plateau.

At the plateau the terrain is becoming more flat.

First view of the summit.


Brake in the shadow of the "summit-cross".

At the way down.

Nearly perfect spring-snow conditions  in the high elevations.

Later we had to cross some grass patches.

Trough steep grooves down to Brunnalm.

Overview of the ski run at the south face of Veitsch.




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