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Snowshoe tour Ybbstalerhütte


Steinbach - Ybbstalerhütte (Lower Austria)

Approach: A1 Exit Ybbs, B25 to Lunz am See and Göstling. Short before Göstling turn left to Steinbachtal. Parking lot about 1,5 km after tunnel.
Altitude difference:
Walking time: 3h in summer, up to 5 hours in winter (descent).
Difficulty: easy, in winter danger of avalanches above Bärenlacke.

The region around Lunz am See (Lower Austria) is not very well known but its one of my most favorite hiking areas. Also in winter this area offers you a lot of possibilities. You can go downhill skiing at Hochkar or Lackenhof or if you prefer randonner skiing, Mt. Ötscher is your first choice. The flat plateau of Mt. Dürrenstein is an ideal terrain for snowshoeing. At the Duerrenstein plateau you can find a mountain hut, called Ybbstalerhuette. This is a hut of the Austrian Alpine Association ( and has an open "winter room" in winter time.

If you want you can pick up a key for an additional room, where you will find beds for 4 to 6 people and a stove with fire wood. You have to pay the 7 Euro for the additional winter room directly at the hut (there is a box in the room).

We started at the Steinbach valley and climbed up to Bärenlacke. We could easily find the trail up to the saddle of Bärenlacke. After Bärenlacke you have to find yourself an acceptable way. I would recommend to climb up to the ridge and then follow the ridge to the plateau (watch for signs like arrows or red metal plates). This is a very steep slope, so please don't go there, when the snow avalanche danger is high. When you are at the plateau keep left until you reach a quiet big valley. Follow this valley until the Hut.

When you decide to  go this tour, you must have a knowledge in estimating the avalanche danger and you must have a good sense of orientation. A GPS could be helpful on the flat plateau, where you have no orientation hints.

OK, enjoy the pictures.


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LINK TIP: Snowshoe tour Ybbstalerhütte march 2002


31. December 2001 - heavy snowfall at Steinbach.

Martin and Claudia prepare their snow shoes.


So viel Schnee - (so much snow). How true, in the 10 minutes, where we prepared everything for our tour, we had another centimeter of snow.

The first part of the trail is in dense forest.

Lunch at a small hunting hut at 1000m MSL.

Broken trees at Bärenlacke.

We reached the hut short before darkness. First, we had to remove the snow from the door, to be able to get in.

Inside the hut, it had only -9°C. We used the warm stove also to melt some snow for cooking.

That's no wrestling match. In old Austrian tradition, we welcomed the new year with the waltz "On the nice blue Danube" - whatever, I would call it snow-waltz.

Temperature at midnight: -15°C





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