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Lapland in Winter
Flight to Finland - Saariselkä



14th of February 2002
Flight to Ivalo

It's seven O'clock in the morning and the turbo-prop airliner of Czech Air is leaving Vienna. Our journey to Lapland begins. One short stop in Prague and after some hours we are rally on Finnish territory. At the airport we are waiting for Bernhard, our third men at our Lapland adventure, who is coming with the plane from Budapest.

Two hours before the start of the last Finnair-flight to Ivalo - the northern most airport in Finland - we bought us stand-by tickets. Arrived at the gate to look if there are free seats at the plane, we were noticed, that our plane has a failure and that we have to wait for another plane.

Instead of a MD-80, we got now an Airbus 321, which is much more larger and this was good luck, because I think we wouldn't have gotten a seat in the smaller plane with our stand-by tickets.

The first noise we heard when we landed in Ivalo was the scrunching sound of the snow under the plane tires. When we went out of the plane it was snowing and a cold wind was blowing. The airport building is really nice. It's really nice decorated and I think it's the only airport in the world with an open fireside with a real wood fire inside.

In front of the airport a bus was already waiting for the passengers to Saariselkä and Kiilopää, where our nice youth hostel is situated.

A little bit tired we went to bed - happy that we were the only guests in the sleeping room of the youth hostel.


Original log of our journey.
Only in German!

(word file, 35KB)


Alois with our heavy backbags at the Helsinki airport.

Arrival at Ivalo ... darkness and cold temperatures are the first impressions of Lapland.




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