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Lapland in Winter
Saariselkä - Inari




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21th of February 2002
Saariselkä, Inari:
Searching a hire-car

In the morning we took the gratis ski bus to Saariselkä in order to rent a car, but very soon we found out, that Hertz, Eurpocar and as well Avis were booked out. In our desperation we went to the tourist office, and to our surprise after a lot of telephone calls the women found a last car  in Ivalo - a Volvo V40 for 580 Euro for four days. We took this offer, because we thought that it is better to pay 580 Euro, than sitting four days in Saariselkä.

So we took the next bus to Ivalo, where we met the agent of Scandia rent at the Hotelli Ivalo. After we clinched the deal we drove with our red Volvo to Inari, where we made a walk at the huge lake Inari. We also visited the Sámi museum "Siida", which we really can recommend ... it's not very often the case, that you see such an interesting museum.

Back at Kiilopää we took a parking lot with power supply. Every Finnish car has a plug for the battery, because otherwise your car would not start after a night with -40°C. After dinner we started to plan our car trip. We decided to go to Norway and than we wanted to drive along the coast to the North Cape ... the end of the northernmost road in Europe.

With our just now rented car at the way to Inari. Please note the pavement of the road - everywhere ice! Without spikes on your tires you have no chance to make large distances.

The "city-centre" of Inari.

Photo: Alois Holzer


Lake Inari. In winter the lakes are used for snow mobile routes.

The route network for snow mobiles in Lapland is many thousands of kilometres long and is organized like a road network with direction and traffic signs.


Parking lots with power supply. Every car has a plug in order to hold the battery warm.

Photo: Alois Holzer





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