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Lapland in Winter
Sodankylä - Tromsø




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22th of February 2002
Car trip, day 1: Kiilopää - Sodankylä - Tromsø

The weather was again not the best when we started our car trip to Sodankylä at 9 o'clock in the morning. It was overcast and it began to snow.

Very soon we learned the most important lessons in driving in Lapland. So we stopped every time when we saw a forthcoming truck we stopped, because behind the truck a huge cloud of raised snow obscured our sight for many seconds.

Sodankylä, one of the most important towns in Northern Finland, is not very interesting. We visited the old church and continued our tour to Norway.

The snowfall was getting more and more dense and when it was getting darker it was sometimes difficult to see the road. When we crossed the Norwegian border the weather and the landscape changed rapidly. The road transformed to a steep mountain road down to the sea and the foehn wind broke up the cloud cover, so that we were able to gaze the daunting mountain scenery of Norway in the moon light.

Short before Tromsø we saw fantastic Northern lights above us. The whole landscape was shimmering in a strange green light and the mystic lights were drawing weird formations in the sky. It was the first time, we saw such an intense Aurora Borealis and in good mood we arrived in Tromsø.

Searching the youth hostel, we found a nice, small hotel near the city centre (Hotell Nord) and after we brought our luggage to the room, we made a walk to the city centre.

Unlike to the cities of Northern Finland, this city is full of life and has real old wooden buildings ... it was like a dream.


Our car route:

From Saariselkä we drove to the south, to Sodankylä and further to Tromso in Norway. At the second day we drove along the Norwegian coat to Alta. From Alta we continued our way to the North Cape and than back to the South, to the capital of the Norwegian Sámi - Karasjok. At the last day we drove (with some detours) back to Ivalo, from where our plane back to Helsinki was departing.


At the way to Sodankylä - reindeers at the road.

The centre of the Sodankylä.

The old wood church of Sodankylä.

Photo: Alois Holzer


At the way to the Norwegian border.

Arriving Tromsø and the first time after five days, we saw so may lights on one spot.

Photo: Alois Holzer


Tromsø is a very friendly small town.




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