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Travel tips for Lebanon

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Note: Because of the outbreak of the war between Hisbollah and Israel it is at the moment not possible to visit Lebanon. I hope the war stops as quick as it started and in the meantime our thougts are at the Lebanese people - they have to suffer most.

Lebanon as travel destination? What are your first thoughts, when you hear the word "Lebanon"? War, massacre, bombs, unstableness,... but the reality is different. In fact, in my opinion, I would declare Lebanon as a quiet save country for travels. The crime rate is very low and the people are very helpful. Because of the nearly not existing tourism, you don't have to fight with beggars or pushy bargainers at the bazaar.

Lebanon is a country with very strong connections to the western world, especially France. You will find a lot of women with uncovered head (30% of the Lebanese are Christians, but you will find also young Muslim women without kerchief), it is no problem to get alcohol and the nightlife in Beirut is famous in the whole Arab world!

I was already many times in Lebanon (a part of my family is from this country) and I made a lot of pictures during this travels. These pictures are from a round trip with a small group at Easter 2000 and from a voyage with three friends at Easter 2001.

For all, which are interested in a voyage to Lebanon, I designed a small home page where you can find (hopefully) useful travel tips (see Lebanon travel tips). These site does not replace a travel guide, mainly because this would go beyond the scope of this web site. I want to provide you on this site only some insider information and if you have questions, which are in no travel guide, I would try to answer them on this web site. So if you have any question, feel free to write me an e-mail:

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Landkarte von Libanon

Landkarte von Libanon





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