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Lebanon - Beirut




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Beirut, the capital of Lebanon is situated on a small peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Corniche Promenade is a favourite place for recreation at Beirut.

Merchants are selling their products.

The pubs and night clubs in Beirut are famous in the whole Arab world and so Beirut is also called the Paris of the Orient.

Beside the famous places you can see still a lot of witnesses of the Lebanese civil war.

Destroyed hotel at the city centre.

The war destroyed a lot of buildings in Beirut, but this is a chance for the archaeologists, which have now the chance to search for older witnesses of the long history of this city. Because many archaeological sites are situated on very good places in Beirut, the scientist are always in competition with land speculators.

The rebuild city centre around the Place d'Etoile.



The reconstruction of Beirut is one of the first priorities of the government. The most difficult job is to save the typical Arab flair of the city.

View into a mosque.




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