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Together with some fellows from my university I visited a conference of Alpine meteorology in Brig (Switzerland). This was my first time in Switzerland. Most of the time we were in the conference hall, but we had also three days, where we could visit this country with some of the really most awesome mountains in the world. Because of my only very short time in Switzerland, you will find on this site no travel information, but some photos from Brig (where we had the conference), Zermatt, Matterhorn and the Engadin region. Hopefully I have very soon again the chance to travel to this terrific country.


Most of the time I was at the Simplon Hall in the small town of Brig in the Swiss region of Valais.

The Stockalper Castle is the main sight of this town.

In Naters, the neighbour village of Brig, you can still find a lot of very old wooden houses.

The church of Naters.


The main square.

The charnel house.


View of Naters.




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