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Vienna (Austria)



[vienna travel tips] [photos of vienna

I think it is time to present you my home city Vienna and to give you some tips [vienna travel tips] for your next trip to this beautiful city. I also made a selection of some photographs, which I took in the last time [photos of vienna].


Now, since I live a little bit outside of Vienna I learned to appreciate the city more and more. I enjoy walking through the old streets of the central district or just sitting in a Kaffeehaus (coffee shop) reading a newspaper and drinking coffee.

As in the Lebanon part of my photo webpage, I don't want to replace a travel guide. At this pages I will give you only a short impression of Vienna and I try to give you some tips, which are (maybe) not in every travel guide. If you have any question, which is not answered in a travel guide or on this webpage, please feel free to contact me.

I hope you enjoy your virtual travel through this nice Central European city, and maybe I will meet you one time in Vienna?





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